Pinchot Patient Portal
Pinchot Patient Portal

Welcome to the On-line home of Pinchot Family Medicine, P.C.

Pinchot Family Medicine is a solo family medical practice owned by Shawn S. Moyer, MD.

Dr. Moyer is a licensed physician in PA and is board certified in Family Medicine.

Dr. Moyer cares for children and adults and is able to help with the following:

Asthma Physicals Back Pain
Diabetes Gynecological Care Thyroid problems
High Blood Pressure Well Child Exams Minor Office Surgeries
Heart Disease and Much More....  

Pinchot Family Medicine is one of over one hundred medical offices defining themselves as Ideal Micro Practices. An Ideal Micro Practice (IMP) is the smallest functional unit in medicine capable of delivering superb care. These medical practices typically rely on advanced technology to allow more physician-patient interaction and more time spent with individual patients. In the case of Pinchot Family Medicine, you have a small office, Dr. Moyer, and Medical Assistant Ashley Miller.

Dr. Moyer is a 1998 graduate of Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia with over 7 years of experience in Family Practice. He completed his residency at the York Hospital's Family Practice residency program.

Benefits to Patients
  1. One-on-one relationship with your doctor. No worrying you'll see different doctors each visit, perhaps one less familiar with you and your medical history.
  2. No long waits to get an appointment (Pinchot Family Medicine has a "sick today, seen today" policy).
  3. More time spent with the doctor. Dr. Moyer sees fewer patients a day than the average doctor, and is able to spend more time with the patients he sees.
  4. No long wait in the waiting room - Dr. Moyer sees fewer patients and usually runs on-time for his scheduled appointments.
Benefits to the Physician
  1. Seeing fewer patients a day allows for more time spent understanding a patient's medical problems and concerns.
  2. Few patients means less time doing paper work and more time actually practicing medicine.

Physical address: 7475 Carlisle Road, Wellsville, PA 17365
Mailing address: 7475 Carlisle Road, Wellsville, PA 17365
Phone number: 717-502-4149
Fax number: 717-441-8495